United Methodist Church 
of Antioch
848 Main St, Antioch IL 60002
 P (847) 395-1259   F (847) 395-4219 
Rev. Katie Voigt, Pastor  
July 2020 Return to Worship
One Service - 9am
In Wesley Hall or Memorial Garden
The mission of the United Methodist Church of Antioch is to grow in faith, worship God following the teachings of Jesus Christ, and be instruments of God's love, through the Holy Spirit, as we reach out to our community and the world.
Why We Worship Here
The following are a few samples of the submissions received from our thankfulness reflection as part of reflecting on the Stewardship Program.These entries were written by church members to share what our church is about.

Attitude of Gratitude September Edition
  • I like to do the activities that the church provides for Youth Group like Lock-ins.
  • A closer relationship with God and Jesus - a close knit church family that provides love and support in so many ways in the church and community.
  • I like Youth Group because of the people and the fun games we play and it's a new experience.
  • I am grateful for all the opportunities given to me in my life and for God to give me the strength to take them.
  • Grateful for family and friends who surround me with love every day.

Attitude of Gratitude July Edition
These quotes are taken from our Stewardship 
Attitude of Gratitude Sunday:
"I am thankful for the wonderful people who are the church, the true heart, for their 
example of serving, sharing, and outreach."
" I'm grateful for the children of our congregation."
"The crafts we do in Sunday School."
I like to do the fun things at Youth Group."
"Bible study; coffee time; fellowship; service."

Attitude of Gratitude June Edition
I am grateful for this church and all the people in it. They have become
my family.

My favorite thing about Youth Group is JESUS and the cool peeps!

This church and its congregation have strengthened my belief in
God and the life ever after.

God's Word and wonderful friends.

I am so blessed to have this church and church family.

I am so grateful for the many good works of the Methodist church
throughout the world.

 Attitude of Gratitude May Edition
  • I am grateful for my church
  • I enjoy being around the people in Youth Group, as well as the activities and events we have.
  • The church working together in all the missions we support
  • Friendship/Fellowship
  • A home
  • My favorite thing about youth group is playing Zombie tag at the lock-ins.
  • The people are welcoming and very fun.

Attitude of Gratitude - April Edition
* I enjoy youth group because I always have a great time!

* Sharing and caring with friends and family.

* I have been blessed by my church with faithful friends, opportunities to serve our Lord, and increased presence of His Love for me.

* The opportunity to sing sacred music (my favorite form of prayer); inspirations and
challenges from weekly services; the opportunity to perform in plays, skits, etc.; a
community of wonderful neighbors to share life's ups and downs.

* All the great fellowship! Everything about this church.
* Listening to the Word of God.

Attitude of Gratitude - March Edition
AUMC has drawn me into their "fold", bringing out my time and talent to serve with God's gift of Grace. I am grateful for lots of people who are willing to serve their Lord and do it with a positive attitude.
I like coming to Youth Group because I really like everyone involved - kids and leaders! We always have fun and I have met so many new people.
I'm so grateful for my church family because we are a "family" and I'm blest with this.
We are thankful for our Methodist Church. We are glad to live in a free nation - America.
Friendly people; meaningful service.