United Methodist Church 
of Antioch
848 Main St, Antioch IL 60002
 P (847) 395-1259   F (847) 395-4219 
Rev. Katie Voigt, Pastor  
July 2020 Return to Worship
One Service - 9am
In Wesley Hall or Memorial Garden
The mission of the United Methodist Church of Antioch is to grow in faith, worship God following the teachings of Jesus Christ, and be instruments of God's love, through the Holy Spirit, as we reach out to our community and the world.
Thank you for checking out the information shared about our different committees that have representation on Church Council. If you need information on the folks that serve on the many ministries and committees, reference the brown bulletin board by the entryway. Thanks to all for their hard work and devotion.

The Church Cabinet is a group of some of the Church Council that meets on the months that Council does not.  The Cabinet is tasked with hearing any urgent matters that might need attention and to discuss issues the Pastor might bring to the meeting. The Cabinet usually consists of chairs of Finance, Trustees, Staff Parish, and Church Council. Others may join the meeting if their committee is on the agenda.

Church Council is the gathering of all the committee, board, and ministry team chairs that meet regularly to plan, coordinate and evaluate the ministry of our church. 

The Antioch United Methodist Youth Group (AUMYG) is an engaging & welcoming group for all 6th – 12th grade from our church and the surrounding area. AUMYG surrounds youth with unconditional love that creates uplifting & genuine relationships. It anchors them in the joys & traditions of the Christian faith. It also energizes and equips them to extend the love of Christ to the world. 

The Memorial Committee receives, acknowledges and purchases memorials given in memory of members and friends of our church. Cards of recognition of the donations are sent to the donors and to the families of the persons being honored. 

The Sunday School is dedicated to teaching God’s Word. We seek to offer a welcoming environment and an enriching experience based on Bible Study, crafts, music and play. By making meaningful connections with children and their families, we hope to further strengthen the overall church community. Special thanks to Sunday School Staff.

United Methodist Women (UMW) is a community of women whose purpose is to know God, develop a creative and supportive fellowship and expand the concept of mission through the global ministries of the church. They meet at noon on the first Wednesday of the month. UMW is open to all women of the church. 

The United Methodist Men’s group meets monthly. Their purpose is to make disciples of the men that participate. They seek to have a deeper, more spiritual connection to their Church and others. UMM is open to all men in our congregation.  

The Telecare Ministry: is a group that calls homebound persons for a well check and a friendly conversation. These calls are placed each week day morning. Money to pay the phone bill is contributed by several community organizations.  

The Mission Committee is responsible for the mission outreach of our Antioch church. They determine which local, national, and international mission projects and programs we will support. 

Members at Large are a group of 6 members that are part of Church Council. They each are tasked to have "the pulse" of the congregation. Meaning they are the team that helps gather information on how the congregation is feeling about issues. Each member also has a vote with many other committees on Church Council. 

The Finance Committee oversees the handling of financial matters for the church. They deal with stewardship, budgeting, and long-term financial planning and investing (Endowment). 

The Board of Trustees is the committee responsible for all the physical property of the church and parsonage.  

Our church is proud to have 2 Church Historians. This team gathers, sorts, and saves those church materials which have historic value. 

Staff Parish Relations Committee: (SPRC) is the human resource committee of the church which hires, directs, and evaluates the church’s pastor and staff. This group works with the District Superintendent and Bishop on staff matters.